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What next? Life after cabin crew

The role of the cabin crew has many facets here you develop many skills during the career, not only things like communication skills and problem solving skills, but also languages, first aid and an insight of different cultures. These many skills may help you fetch  many different roles in the corporate world.

Of course, some cabin crew get tired of the work or leave to form a family, sometimes, a contract ends or you get fired. In today’s difficult economic climate, jobs are less stable, which makes it even more important to make a wise decision regarding the future career. But there are many options to close the gap between leaving the cabin crew and starting a new career.


Jobs in the wider travel industry

Within travel, there are many opportunities: you can work abroad as a representative in the hotels and airports of a complex or work as land personnel at the local airport. Working in VIP VIP rooms has become an attractive option. In some countries, you can work as a train steward or be trained to be a tour guide. If you are interested in traveling and teaching, taking a TEFL can be a good idea: you can teach English to students almost anywhere in the world.


Going corporate

The world of corporate business likes to employ the former cabin crew in high-profile receptionist,  retail functions or personal assistant . Some crew members dedicate themselves to one of the humanitarian professions, such as teaching or nursing, and the role of paramedics in an increasingly popular position. 

One thing to keep in mind is that many former cabin crew members lose so much flight that they return after a few years. Some airlines wish to hire cabin crew with experience in flight so there is a great possibility to return after a break and . 

You can also study while you are still flying to expand your horizons. 


Other opportunities with airlines and airports

There are job prospects in the airlines such as to become a recruiter or coach.  You can also consider working as a base supervisor or office position or crew administrator/programmer . If you still plan to fly but want some new environment it is worth moving abroad to to fly in private jets in corporate aviation. Within corporate aviation, you could also move up to flight crew manager or crew chief  or as fixed base operator or work in operations.

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